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Young Female Leader

My passion for people can be found in my pre-professional days. Either as a member of the high school admissions team or as part of the campus interview team.

Besides being a sought-after professional, outside of work I like to cook, travel, learn Russian and I’m also taking horseback riding classes.

Chaos Music

- What is business analysis?

At Chaos Music we specialize in connecting musicians with their core audience and sending the right messages through digital channels. In the digital age, you need to produce good content to attract audiences. We create digital content that fuels human connection and conversation through storytelling.



- What is digital marketing?

We create digital solutions, attract and grow the audience. From strategic planning to analyzing your social sales – we do it all.

Quality, speed and customer service are the three pillars of our marketing agency. We build and market your brand using proven data-driven strategies, without unnecessary expense.

Karlene Corban

- Fashion, design and trend

Karlene Corban, a fashion brand, founded in 2020, has rapidly become one of the most sought-after nationwide. The Instagram account already surpassed 50K followers, showing rapid growth and interest in Karla’s creativity.

Karla Yackuelene Pariona Romero, born on March 26, 1998, is a native of Lima, Peru and in 2011 she arrived in Argentina. She is a content marketing and public relations specialist. Currently she serves as the Co-CEO of Followerandia and Chaos Music. Mrs. Pariona Romero is also the owner of Karlene Corban, a fashion brand.

Briefly About Karla